A Word From Ceo


Under the illumination of scientific knowledge, Istanbul Shipyard is an outstanding and pioneering shipyard of the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry with its corporate identity and modernized infrastructure facilities which produces unique and national/international projects with international qualities and standards by means of research and development studies with all recent technological abilities.

Istanbul Shipyard has endeavoured to raise the bar since it has partaken in SNR Holding in 2003, whilst having been realizing the modern and technological infrastructure investments, together with the training programs that have been given to its entire staff.

Teamwork is a very essential and foreground principle for Istanbul Shipyard. Having said so; we aim to get the weakest link strengthen to take it the most powerful state by taking work load over all the rings in the chain one by one.

Our primary mission is protecting the environment and providing an accident-free work field. In this context, multi-disciplinary structure has been formed under the national and international laws and conventions for working under appropriate European Union norms by having and maintaining EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality, EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental, OHSAS 45001-2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificates, as well as NATO and National Defence Facility Security Clearance Certificates.

Our shipyard which follows up naval and commercial global markets as well as exhibitions very closely and participates in most of them, has managed to attract attention of the world shipbuilding industry by diversifying in its product range, especially with patrol boats and off-shore vessels exports.

By forming a project group within its own organizational structure and keeping working on research and development studies, Istanbul Shipyard has taken its place among the international reputable shipyards working with high quality and standards by having produced many custom and unique special projects.

Istanbul Shipyard has delivered SAR-35 Modernization Project of Turkish Coast Guard with a superior performance than the contractual requirements by keeping its claims and successful studies that has put forth on the Commercial Projects as well as the Naval Projects.

Besides, we are deeply proud to build the unique and the first rescue vessel in the world which has extraordinary technological superiorities, such as performing rescue operation at 600 meters of depth, getting positioned to a distressed submarine by its dynamic position system with a millimetric of alignment on the water surface, allowing divers communicate with each other comfortably via underwater communication systems without any noise pollution, capability to transfer personnel from distressed submarines to vessel on-board by means of a ventilation under 5 bar pressure, and ability to perform rescue operations both with NATO and U.S.A systems.

Istanbul Shipyard's another important pride project is completely designed as a national project to perform 2D/3D seismic research and sampling for hydrographic, hydroacoustic, geologic studies. She is equipped with diesel electric propulsion system. She has a maximum continuous speed of 18 knots and an endurance range of 4500 Nm@14 knots. SNR-SEISMIC has scientific research capability up to sea state 4. She has water sampling capability up to 2500 m, geological sampling capability up to 3000 m. SNR-SEISMIC has also Dynamic Positioning System and performs ROV operations.

Further important aim of Istanbul Shipyard is to increase the proportion of the local content for the National Naval Projects supplies as much as possible in order to reduce the proportion of the imported content. In that way we aim to provide significant added value to Turkish industry.

As in all studies that we have carried out, we believe that, together with our scientific and post-technological studies, environmental policy, national and international quality standards, commitment to occupational health and safety and customer satisfaction oriented execution understanding, projects that we have already started carrying out and projects that we are going to start carrying out shall rivet our leading position in the ship building industry.