Quality control

Quality control

Quality Policy

With the help of the Quality Management System our company aims to;

Be a model company in design, construction, maintenance and repair of ships and all types of floating platforms industry by means of performance and quality,Keep our focus on highest customer satisfaction both in product related and client affairs related activities,Determine related parties and meet their expectations,Manage our business based on targets, process and risk based thinking and decision making based on objective evidences,

Continuously improve our quality management system efficiency and effectiveness by reviewing our processess and targets, by providing all necessary resources and by ensuring that all employees know our policies by  heart,Comply with all relevant legal legislation, standards and signed agreements with relevant parties,Decrease our costs by managing efficient and effective processes and growing our business in line with our targets while increasing our profit Our quality policy is our guideline.

Occupational Work Health and Safety, Environmental Policy

For a sustainable and continuously improving future, our company is aware that one of the main duties of the management is to perform the planned actions to minimise the negative effects of our processes to environment and to our employees.We work complying with all relevant local and international legal legislation regarding environment and work safety.We assess risks and opportunities that consider the HSE context and expectations of related parties and plan actiions accordingly.

Considering the life cycle approach, we aim to minimise environmental impacts, preventing pollution at its source and reducing and recycling our waste. Every year usage of natural resources is decreased, targets set and continuous improvement is ensured.We consider emergencies and put in place necessary precautions and periodically review them.Our employees and subcontractors are trained about work health and safety and environment.

Our aim is to be a model company by means of work health and safety and environment in design, construction, maintenance and repair of ships and all types of floating platforms industry.The continuous improvement of our systems is ensured by the consultation and participation of workers.

Publishing Date: 12.03.2021                                                                                

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